• International and domestic road transport and forwarding services
  • Container transport
  • Complete, groupage and partial loads
  • Routing services
  • Express freight services

Our company's main activity is the international forvarding and transport service, as we have nearly 9,000 loads per a year. We have daily lines to many european countries with all type of trucks used in the field of international transport.

We developed our car park according to the changing needs of our clients, so you can find vans of 1.2 tons used for the express transport service, we have trucks of 3 and 24 tons and megatrailers.

Our domestic forwarding business unit tightly relates to our warehouse-logistics services. We supply our clients' big volume production by daily (0-24 hours) distribution of the materials handled by our logistics warehouse, and we coordinate the transport connection between our clients' supliers and the VMI warehouses operated by us.

Groupage forwarding service: first of all we operates this service co-operating with international partners for small shipments, but arriving from many suplliers for VIDEOTON companies.

IT support

The whole process of transportation and forwarding is supported by an integrated transport software. This up-to-date system offers a holistic and integrated background (registration, documentation), and secures reliable data for the company managing. The different moduls of the software are able to handle all types of forwarding. The system operates on Oracle database with a Windows surface.

We provide our services as general conditions of Association of Hungarian Freight-forwarders.